Overview of the content

The solution we propose will help you with all these challenges. First, you’ll encounter a
three-stage process:

  • Part I: Before Starting to Write
  • Part II: Writing Clearly & Concisely
  • Part III: Reviewing and Polishing

You can use this process for anything you need to write in the business environment: emails, notes, reports, proposals, instructions, letters, etc. When you’re faced with a blank page or screen, and a request to write something, this well-tested process makes writing easier, faster, and less daunting.

Then you’ll discover some of the more subtle aspects of written communication in the topic Getting the Tone Right – how to impact and communicate clearly, set the appropriate tone for different audiences, and be more persuasive.

The final topic is dedicated to Ideas and Tips to make sure your documents get to read, and your messages are understood and acted on.