Introduction: Writing in the real world

Why should you take this course?

You probably spend most of your time at work writing. Most people write loads of email daily and short communications, and a smaller number of large but significantly time-consuming documents and reports.

By implementing the hints and tips in this course, you will reduce the time you spend writing, editing, and rewriting them…

Whenever you set pen to paper (or more likely fingers to the keyboard) you’re
communicating. What you write affects what other people think about you, how they
judge you, how they feel and what they may do. Writing well helps you create the right
impression and communicate the tone and content of your message clearly.

This course is about writing in a work context so we’ll refer to emails, reports, instructions
and other business documents. What you learn can be applied to all types of writing, but
we won’t cover writing you might do for pleasure (so no poetry or love letters).

You’ll find some basics of punctuation and grammar and suggestions for further reading.
We’ll give you a process and structure to make your written communications more
effective, and hints and tips that make a difference to you and your readers.